Saturday, November 21, 2009

First night with Mama and Grandma


Well we have all been home over a week now. We are starting to finally settle down in to a routine. We arrived home November 12th after midnight sometime and we had several long nights. Maks has had a difficult time adjusting to the time change, but that is to be expected. He did not understand. Now we are up around 8am, nap between 2-4pm and to bed between 8-9pm. It is fun to watch him explore everything. It is all so new to him, it is not as if he has grown up around all the tiny things in my house so he has to check them out. This has been a learning experience for me and him. He has learned to say "hi" and "bye" in English though not consistantly, calls me Mama sometimes. He says give and take in Russian still. He is having such a great time learning about everything. He is starting to be gentle with the cats. They have been so patient with Maks. He likes to just lay on top of Sam and Sam just tolerates it. Hopefully I can write more later, I just wanted to say hello we are home and post a picture, now that I can.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted while here in Russia. Things have been pretty busy with a toddler running around and I got very sick. Lets just say I got some stomach bug or food poisening and could not keep anything down for about 48 hours. I was to the point of wanting IV fluids. I am all better now, and feeling stronger everyday. I am very grateful my mother was here to help. I was absolutely useless for about a day and a half. Poor Maks, I am sure he got confused why all of a sudden this other woman was doing everything, and where was mama. No worries though, Maks is doing great. Paperwork continues to get processed and gathered and hopefully departing home soon. My mother and I cannot wait to sleep in our own bed. I have to say that is probably the one comfort of home I miss the most. I also cannot wait for Maks to see his new home, bedroom, and toys.

Also, I just want to give a big shout out to all my friends and of course my father and say thanks, you all have been great helping get some extra things ready before we come home that I did not anticipate needing. Well need to get some rest for an early day tomorrow. (having problems posting also so have not posted so often)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day of Firsts

I tried to post last night but was not working, so try again today. Also today he stuck his hand on his poopy bottom, and it was everywhere. He also now knows how to use the trash can....

Nothing too exciting going on. Getting into a routine of eating, dressing, napping, and playing in between. Today he went poop on the little potty chair for the first time with me. Not really pushing the issue but my coordinator thought we should continue what they were doing at the baby hospital. Then this afternoon we were at the playground at the hotel and he teeter tottered for the first time with some other children his same age. Finally for the first time we reviewed body parts in English and Russian and he copied me the first time. He is such a smart child, copying everything he sees.

Well not much else, mom is counting down the days, not a whole lot to do today. Mom went with the coordinator today to go to the grocery store and the baby store. No Wal-Mart here, you have to go to separate stores, but at least they are next to each other.

So far so good.

On Friday I had court, which is very interesting. Very official, nerve racking, interesting questions and a formality. But all went well and they felt I would be a good mother to Maksim. So once back to the hotel we tried to eat lunch, and then we played, he slept some on the way home so I did not try for an afternoon nap with him. Maks is use to a nap around 10 am and around 2pm. Then in the evening around 7 pm we started to get ready for bed. One thing is definate he shows very clear signs of being ready for bed.

He slept through the night, did have a blazing temperature, but he woke enough and took his medicine like a champ. Then he woke again aroudn 730 am after I started making some noise to wake him up. We messed with breakfast some, first porrige with bananas, did not really like, then we mixed with applesause, which was the way to go. He took a nap at 1030 am and then awoke for lunch. For lunch we mixed some baby food(meat and veggie) with some water and bread. Maks loves bread. We forwent the afternoon nap b/c he did not really seem ready for one. Tonight mom cooked some chicken with veggies and potatoes with some bread. Went well for a little bit but then started spitting it out. So who finished it? Me. Is this what I have gotten myself into finishing my child's food? That is okay. Then we topped it off with some pears and cream, and then later some crackers and then later a cookie.

So this is my second night with Maks. So far so good. Last night he went down pretty easily, tonight I had him down a littler early, and then the phone rang and so I had to start all over. I did not think he would be too picky with food b/c of the way he loves to eat, but I was wrong about that. He definately has his moments and drinking fluids has been hard too. He is sick right now, occasionally having a fever, last night up to 102.5 axillary thank goodness takes his medicine like a champ.

I will be taking it one day and one night at a time. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do around here. But we have everything we absolutely need. Today we did laundry in Russian...haha.. the words on the machine were in Russian but we figured it out. Thank goodness my mother is here with me, she has been so helpful, and thank goodness my father is helping at home with the house and cats.

Well the time changes here tonight, so for a week will only be 15 hours ahead of you all. So right now it is 8:50pm Saturday here, and currently 4:50 am Saturday in mid MO. So tomorrow it will still be today in US. Sorry just love having fun with the time difference. Okay better get some rest myself.


He seems to remember.

Today I saw Maksim for the first time since leaving in August. It was so great, he saw me, got a huge smile on his face and then came to me and gave me a hug. He seems like the same little boy I met, maybe he can say a few more words. He continues to be very smart, very inquisitive, and very interested in everything that is going on. Lots of energy, and he just responded with very flirtatious looks to the caregivers when they spoke to him in Russian. I think he is going to be a little flirt. I so look forward to the changes he makes in life. Well need to get some rest. Thanks for your support.


Greetings from Russia

Well we made it to Russia yesterday barely I think, which is today in the US. We had some major turbulence on the way to LA and then from LA to Seoul for about an hour or more the gigantic plane we were on was all over the place. I really thought that was it at times, I have never felt such turbulence before. But we made it, all is well. Today we will go see Maks for few hours, go to the the grocery store and baby store, and finally prepare for court tomorrow. Just think in one more day they are really going to entrust me with Maks's care. Kind of cool. Okay, talk to you all later.


My Journey

Back in December I decided that I wanted to adopt. I have known since I was very young that it was something I wanted to do, and that feeling has never changed. I then decided I would like to adopt internationally and after much research decided that Russia was the country for me. So in January I sent in my application and began the long process of collecting various documents, pictures, and had my home assessed to see if it would be a good environment for a child. This is all complete and my dossier was submitted to Russia the first week of June and I am now awaiting a referal of an infant or toddler boy. This wait now can take 2-6 months. I would love to share this journey with my family and friends, and will definately need your support between trips when I am missing my little boy and our new family member. My neices and nephews are so excited to have a cousin on the Protzman side. I know my little boy will be so loved and I feel so blessed to be able to give my child a home and family he may not of had otherwise.

So feel free to leave any posts with questions and comments and I look forward to reading and answering them. I will try and keep things updated regularly, and slowly add things to this blog as I learn how to do so.

Welcome to my blog.